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This fall, we’re discussing the roots of mass incarceration, and hearing from people who are still impacted by the system.

Currently, written by incarcerated people at various facilities in Virginia.

If you or someone you know who’s incarcerated would like to be featured this month or next, review the writing prompt and overview for this month and submit to yourlovedoneq@gmail.com for review. If you would like to get someone on the distribution list via JPay, email us, and we can add them to receive the prompts.

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A Breeding Ground for Sociopaths?

I tend to see prison as an incubator of anti-social behavior. This, in my experience, is one of the fundamental flaws of the “system.” One may enter this environment, after truly making a bad decision, as an otherwise upright, moral and ethical person, complete with the normal range of empathetic regard for other people.

The Loudest Voice is Our Vote

While sitting in the Birmingham jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in longhand his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Within this letter, he stated how he couldn’t sit idly by in Atlanta, his home state, and not be concerned about what was happening in Birmingham. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

It Would Forever Unfit Him To Be a Slave

Within the above quote, Frederick Douglas recounts the moment his slave master admonished his wife for teaching him (Frederick Douglas) the alphabet. According to Frederick Douglas, his enslaver was fearful that an education would make him unfit to be a slave. After witnessing this exchange Douglas was certain that the words his master spoke were…

Many Small Particles

We are but parts and pieces that has to be brought together to make up a whole, and even when brought together, we still have to be adhesive enough to actually grow and bond in order for it/us to work!!!


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