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This month, we’re discussing the urgent repeal
of earned sentence credits, and how it has affected the men and women in the VADOC.

Currently, written by the men of Lawrenceville Correctional Center, and other facilities in Virginia.

If you or someone you know who’s incarcerated would like to be featured this month or next, review the writing prompt and overview for this month and submit to yourlovedoneq@gmail.com for review. If you would like to get someone on the distribution list via JPay, email us, and we can add them to receive the prompts.

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Fit For Society

How much time am I expected to serve before I’m deemed by the public eye as being fit for society? When will enough be enough?

Undiscovered Talent

Freedom of expression in our free world (country) should be and unalienable right? Am I wrong? And without the proper platforms for these types of expressions to reach the free world, turns into a form of oppression in my personal opinion.


There are many behind bars for some 15+ years that’s spent time rehabilitating ourselves, taking programs, remaining infraction free and maintaining employment. We are not the men/women we use to be–at least some of us are not. Why penalize us for the violent crime that is still happening in VA today. We want to help make a difference and join forces with the community, advocate groups and law enforcement to make change happen.

Sharing the Case of George M. Lynch Jr.

In 1995, I received a letter from court and legal telling me that due to the change of the law, I would not be eligible for parole. Court and legal placed me under the “three strike” rule (53.1-151(B1)). They unlawfully took my parole.

A Letter From Jerry James to State Leaders

I had to tell my 71-year old father the bad news. He is still recovering from a stroke he had a few years back. I know I did wrong to get in here, but with 10 more years to do, please somebody have some type of compassion and give me a chance and the guys like myself, before our love ones will be no more.

Why I Believe “CHANGE” is Possible

With that said most of the men incarcerated today (90-95%), will be released back into someone’s community. I know for many of you this is a very scary thought. Now that we know this fact, my question to you today is: who do you want that man or woman to be? One that has been given the opportunity to change, or a very angry person?


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