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This month, we’re exploring what it would mean to be free. Due to new legislation passing this year, some will get their second chance. What will they do with it?

Currently, written by the men of Lawrenceville Correctional Center, and other facilities in Virginia.

If you or someone you know who’s incarcerated would like to be featured this month, review the writing prompt and overview for this month and submit to yourlovedoneq@gmail.com for review. If you would like to get someone on the distribution list via JPay, email us, and we can add them to receive the prompts.

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Those who tell themselves they will never be free will never experience true freedom because they will never do what is necessary in order to obtain that freedom.

Reaching Out: About Prison Food

Thank you for the platform to express my ideas and comments. For the people that are not effected by the new bill and will be here for a while, this issue with the food we are receiving is slowly killing us. Here at Deerfield Correctional Center in Va., it is a geriatric facility with men … More

What’s Free, Part 2

By Lord Serious
What does freedom mean to you? Freedom is commonly defined as being free from restraint or bondage. There will be some who will read this who think to be free simply means you are not in jail or prison. Then there are others who are currently in prison, or who’ve spent time in confinement, who view it a little differently.

Guarantee For Success

Freedom won’t be valued as long as the contents of a man’s heart won’t be challenged beyond the crimes that lead them to prison.

Freedom: Free-dome

Freedom: free-dome, unchain your mind from being programmed and stop agreeing with everything you see and hear.

Prompt: What’s Free, Now?

It has been 2 years since BrillianceBehindBars has been encouraged to ask the question about what freedom means to you. Since then, the earned good time credits bill has been passed. Though it might have taken on new meaning, the question remains the same… “What’s free?”


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