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Quadaire Patterson

Creator, Writer, Brilliance Organizing Director | Virginia Beach, Virginia #1392272.
“Hello to any and all who’ve come across this site. My name is Quadaire Malik Patterson. I’ve been incarcerated for over 10 years. I hope if anything, the contributions on Brilliance Behind Bars brought a light to some positive ideas and a widened view of looking at our world and its past, as a means to a greater future… Being incarcerated, I found myself faced with a choice: to be who I was, or to become what I am. I chose the latter. I created Brilliance with the intent of fulfilling an urge to show that there is a community of individuals with intellect, unique perspectives, and ideas that may inspire others and could change the world.

Thank you for all of your support. To the viewers, the contributors, and editor. Each of you make Brilliance Behind Bars possible. May we all keep moving in the right direction… together.”

Bio: Spending his entire 20’s in prison, Quadaire Patterson has made the most of his time. He started on his mindfulness journey with meditation, learning tai chi and practicing daily and sharing his gifts with others. From an educational standpoint, he received his GED in 2012. He’s currently taking print-based college courses through Ohio University in pursuit of an Associate’s degree in Social Sciences while incarcerated. He also completed a trade in brick masonry. He has been organizer of the Zen Buddhist group at Lawrenceville for a couple years. He’s assisted with planning, organizing and speaking at various reentry efforts over the years. He’s offered counseling for gang intervention and prevention for the length of incarceration. He’s also counseled and mentored many inmates of various ages, offering advice on many topics including self-care, mental health issues, family-building and education. Quadaire plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and start his own business.

Lord Serious Hakim Allah

Contributing Writer | Chesapeake, Virginia #1404741.
Lord Serious has been incarcerated for 14 years. Lord Serious is the author of The Powerless Pinky and Apotheosis Lord Serious Hakim Allah’s Habeas Corpus Appeal. Both are available on Amazon. He is a blogger and can be read at Lord Serious is also an activist, and recording artist – his single ‘Next Flip’ is on Youtube and iTunes. Contact him via JPay, writing, or email, at

Jerry L. James

Brilliance Coordinator of Deerfield, Contributing Writer | Virginia Beach, Virginia #1157844
My name is Jerry L. James. I am a first-time offender who received 73 years with 35 years suspended, which left me with a 38-year sentence. As I sit here at Deerfield Correctional Center, 22 years later, I have done all I can to rehabilitate myself by completing mind-changing programs, as well as getting my G.E.D., plus enrolled myself into college to receive an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

Antoinne Pitt

Contributing Writer | Portsmouth, VA
A rapper, singer, songwriter and the author of Thinking With A Purpose and C.O.A.T (Countering Overdoses and Addiction Treatment). You can log on to and click on ‘author’ to see my bio. You can also sign my petition as well check out my interview on Real Prison Talk Facebook live page and ‘From Prison To Promise’ podcast. Super School Heroes children’s book trilogy will be out in the near future. In closing, true freedom is reached only when the mind is freed of all mental restraints.

Dwight Moore

Contributing Writer | Norfolk, Virginia #1414484.
I go by GP and I’m from Norfolk, the Park Place area. I was convicted of a drug charge and sentenced unfairly. Once I’d been incarcerated I had time to reflect on my life and make a positive change in the right direction. Growing up in a city like Norfolk had the wrong influence on my life which had me to fall victim to a lot of foolishness. I did not graduate high school, caught multiple felons and also was affiliated with a gang. Over the past years it change for me once I start reading positive books by positive authors. Now I’ve obtained my Brick Mason certification, currently obtaining my GED and in the process of starting and Nonprofit Organization to help save the youth. I honest feel in my heart that I could have a positive influence on the youth from Norfolk. I want to help children from my city, so they will not take the same path I took. That’s why I think the higher power for giving me the strength to stray away from the foolishness I use to indulge in. Now, I’m focused and ready to take on life in a positive way.

Justin Strode

Contributing Writer | Virginia, by way of California #1197991

Romello Harris

Contributing Writer | Greensboro, North Carolina #1987153
Aspiring Singer/Producer

Shaveek Pittman

Contributing Writer | Fredericksburg, Virginia #1870834
Currently located at Lawrenceville Correctional Center.

D. Moyler

Contributing Writer | Virginia #1119539
Currently located at Lawrenceville Correctional Center.

Sincere B. Allah

Contributing Writer | Boston, MA
Released in January 2022.

Deanthony Clark

Contributing Writer | Virginia #1411732
Currently located at Keen Mountain Correctional Center.

Kenneth Bibbs

Contributing Writer | Virginia #1114910
Currently located at Deerfield Correctional Center.

Leroy Williams

Contributing Writer | Virginia #1162777
Currently located at Deerfield Correctional Center.

Samuel E. Harris

Contributing Writer | Suffolk, Virginia #1026738

(Sam) a successful car salesman in the Tidewater Area who suffered an accident while in service to his country and later diagnosed with PTSD by the Department of Veterans Affairs, but later denied treatment due to bureaucratic red-tape, caused him to self-medicate and lead to his incarceration for robbery with a 220 year sentence, with 60 to serve. In spite of his situation of incarceration, he has used the last 23 years to rehabilitate and become the devout man of God he is, that has served others through the positions and platforms he’s held within prison. He’s also co-authored several books: “Beyond The Shackles” and “Speaking Out for Change” as well as authoring his own book “A Double Minded Man” soon to be released. He can be contacted via US mail or email @ Samuel E Harris #1026738