Reparations for Mental Slavery

I am of the belief that people of the olive hue were enslaved because they had no sense of identity and worshipped under a vine and fig tree that wasn’t prepared for their earthly salvation, but for their subjugators. Throughout history, religion was used as a tool to enslave people of the olive hue and we were forced to submit to man’s will instead of God’s. Nationality is the order of the day, and Marcus Garvey stated that a people without a nationality is like a tree without roots – they just can’t grow.

The denationalization came when we were stripped of our nationality and creed, which is our belief and given inferior names. Within a name is nomenclature, nationality, and societal status. Per United States Constitution, we as persons – which are people without a nationality – have no standing, and are therefore second-class citizens not granted the rights and privileges of first- class citizens. Reparations will come when we seek first the kingdom of God and everything will be granted to you. King Dome, King of the dome. A king is a ruler, a ruler governs. We have to be able to control what we put in our heads and what we put out. Those who can’t govern themselves consents to be governed. Silence is a tacit agreement and until we proclaim our nationality we are consenting to be whatever they say we are and we will continue to be enslaved.

In order to attain reparations, we must first repair ourselves mentally because we have been broken through enslavement and miseducation. Reparations are coming after hundreds of years of enslavement, because now the mistreatment and discrimination of people of the olive hue have gained national recognition and the people in power are trying to clean up behind themselves because physical servitude was abolished per U.S Constitution, but mental slavery wasn’t. The thing about mental slavery was they felt that as long as we stayed dumb and misinformed, we would not realize that we were still being enslaved. The difference now is that people of the olive hue have now awaken and everyone has been awakened at once. It is now on us not to fall back asleep until we receive our reparations and are treated equally.

My name is Antoinne Pitt #1157338 I’m at Lawrenceville Correctional Center. I come in love and leave in peace.

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