Protests 2020, a freestyle by Brandon CL Hope

I write this rhyme to tell the times
no better life than living white,
but somehow we supply the white,
that’s why our mommas cry at night…
yet we can’t reap the benefits
cause our skin is darker pigmented
america, ameri-can’t, ameri-kkk again.

They got drums on k’s its evident that they want us off their premises
but I’m trippin cause we built this
and it might sound like ignorance
but violence brings us peace again,
destruction builds us all back up,
and darkness let’s our light shine from
the bottom of the bottom to the highest of the high.
You’re going to recognize that we’re alive and all are here to thrive.
Gangbangin’ to the left and gangbangin’ to the right
we meet up in the middle and bang at 12 on sight,
out here on the block at 12 O’Clock at night
an hour past the curfew on front lines ready to fight
trippin and stumbling your brother’s face is bleeding,
but don’t let it deter you cause were out here for a reason.

What’s good for you is good for me,
good for the goose good for the gander
400 years of being peaceful forced me to grab the blammer
forced me to be the bad guy
in society’s eyes.

Tear gas all in our eyes,
used to tears in our lives
no stranger to the struggle,
you hate me but I love you,
wanna kill me, wanna hug you,
can’t you see that I’m not trouble?
But somehow, some way, you’re blinded by my face.

You built it in your mind that criminal is our race –
but that’s just not the case and one day you will get it
whether you end up dead or whether your still living
your sins have been forgiven.
But sin once again and mercy is straight fiction.
Mercy is not given –
just like respect its earned
no more use for mercy you’ve used your last turn.
You’ve burned your last bridge,
murdered your last black man,
scared your last kid,
let’s live and let live.

Less graves we will dig,
witness a civil war if righteousness don’t win.
If justice won’t prevail,
unleash our passionate rage and give them hell,
unleash the pain of ones before you,
‘I can’t breathe,’ ‘hands up, do not shoot.’
Who’s next? Me? It might just be you.

George Floyd, bam world, Trayvon, too,
injustice in the streets,
injustice in the schools,
injustice in the prisons,
injustice stands true.

I’m tired of losing breath, man, I’m tired of the chatter
long story short, fam,

Brandon C. L. Hope Contributing Writer | Hampton, Virginia #1842318

POLICE REFORM: Communities

The prospect of police reform has recently become a new topic of debate on the national stage. This movement was sparked by the outrage the George Floyd video caused. The world watched in horror as a Black man was murdered by a White cop who kept his knee on his neck for 8:46. Law enforcement has the authority to deprive American citizens of their life and liberty. After George Floyd, America must now question should anyone be given such a right?

In my book, APOTHEOSIS LORD SERIOUS HAKIM ALLAH’S HABEAS CORPUS APPEAL, I predicted that the problem of police brutality would never be solved until the police were held accountable to the communities that they patrol. Who is policing the police? Who do they answer to? If it is not the community that they serve, then why do you expect them not to abuse their power? Especially, when White cops patrolling impoverished Black communities have an ‘us vs. them’ mentality every time they put on their uniform. They do not see the members of my community as their fellow neighbors. They do not have enough respect for us as their fellow citizens to respect our rights. When they arrest us, we are not promised to live long enough to even make it to a courtroom to have our day in court. Too often, White police officers play the role of judge, jury, and executioner for the unarmed Black man.

So, I think society needs to take the power out of the police union’s hands and give the power of oversight of the American police force back to the communities that these officers patrol. They need to make filing a complaint against an offending officers easier. Citizens should be able to file complaints online. They shouldn’t be required to drive down to the station, because some of them don’t even have cars.

I also want to see state legislatures to pass laws that will keep track of how many people are shot by police. The FBI keeps track of all crime, however, they do not keep track of how many unarmed Black men are being killed by police. And they also need to make laws that specifically define what excessive force is, and when it is appropriate to use. When the laws are too ambiguous, this is what allows offending officers to avoid being held accountable.

I think all officers on the scene should also be required to intervene when another officer is using excessive force. With these changes, the police can be better regulated and controlled. Peace.

Lord Serious Hakim Allah / J. Boughton Jr., Chesapeake, VA #1404741

Keep on Marching

How much longer do we have to march the streets in protest?

Our words can be seen from space, but we’re still not being heard.

We are still being killed in public, beaten in public and our young generations are being harassed and/or arrested for petty crimes just to have them in the system instead of being given a warning or a citation.

It took a deadly virus (I call a blessing in disguise, even though I’ve lost family and friends) to remove the blind fold from our eyes and now we can see all the injustice world wide.

— I believe the President is trying so desperately hard to reopen businesses to put the blind fold back on us, so we can no longer see the injustice and continued brutality from the police, to get the people back to work to stop the protest of the Black Lives Matter movement. —

Keep on marching as long as you can until we are heard; do not let them put the blinds fold back on. Black Lives Matter!

– Brandon Henry #1493358
Woodbridge, Va