Oppressing the Already Oppressed

I’d like to start this with addressing each one of the promo questions as my spring entry! it will be my completely biased opinions.

For starters, when it comes to “Political Skepticism” I’m personally effected by this tendency. Personally, on a year-to-year basis or four-by-4 basis, when it comes to the presidential election, I feel completely left out ever since I lost my voting rights in 2015. It’s almost as if part of my citizenship was taken away, regardless of the fact that I still pay taxes, love my country, and even stand behind “some” of her systems. I’m only subjected to a few of the beautiful things she has to offer her normal citizens. That is one thing that makes me “Politically Skeptical,” because all politics are supposed to be for the people of her country! Am I not a person of this country? This could lead to the touchy topic of the 13th amendment and the 3/5th laws. but that’s a latter discussion.

When it comes to Glenn Youngkin’s move to take away automatic expungement without letting the people of the Commonwealth know, seems to me to look like another way to oppress the already oppressed. Or in other terms, keeping people down who are already down for mistakes made when they were younger. And refusing to ever give them another shot at the beautiful thing America calls “freedom.” It is really sad how it keeps his pockets fat from receiving funds from the federal government for housing state inmates.
Not being able to vote myself, I’d like to eventually have my voting rights restored so my little ripple can turn into waves in America’s lake.

In the meantime I can help further educate people who are able to currently vote and getting the severity of the matter through to them. Whether they are 18 or 80, they’re needed for a better future! This would be my way of getting involved, even know I’m not fully able to participate.

Finally, America would truly benefit from knowing what she wanted if every citizen was able to vote!

Thank you for your patience, and your time is greatly appreciated as well!

Jaime Reinard
Harrisonburg, VA