Voting: What Does It Really Cost?

Webster defines voting as: a choice or opinion of a person or body of person. A method by which groups of people make decisions.

If the 15th amendment of the United States Constitution states that the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. And also The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a law passed to help enforce the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Which states an American citizen shall not be denied the right to vote due to race or skin color.

Why does every convicted felon in Virginia lose this sacred and honorable right? To automatically loss this right after being convicted of a felony offense speaks volume.

In many states, Virginia included; termination of the right to vote by convicted felons is automatic. This actually demonstrates how powerful voting is.

Just think you can be convicted of drinking and driving, serve time for reckless driving. God forbids you can injure or even kill someone, however your right to purchase alcohol isn’t terminated. The penalty for these acts could be a suspension of driving privileges for a period of time and fines. Some cases could result in jail time.

Yes, there’s a process for the restoration of voting rights. But we’re seeing how this process has become politically fueled and motivated.

So that would lead one to ask the question why terminate the right to vote?

Terminating this right actually silence you. You lose the right to have a say in major events. Many of these events are life changing.

We’re seeing in our divided democracy the increase momentum to limit accessed to voting. While watching some of our leaders spew false voting claim’s after being defeated.

We now have a part of society that believes that voting doesn’t matter. Many citizens fail to vote thinking their votes don’t count.

However just think “Roe v Wade” was repealed by the United States Supreme Court. This was after poor voting turn out led to a particular party winning control. Which afforded this party the right to appoint judges of their similar ideologies to the United States Supreme Court. Please realize that these lifetime appointments have dire consequences, with very limited oversight.

If “Roe v Wade” in 1973 can be repealed what’s next?
For many years the right to vote was a major issue.
I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I lost something that cost someone else so dearly.
However I look forward to regaining this sacred and honorable right.
We all must really pay close attention to the political climate in our divided country.

Just turn on your nightly news, advertisements, PACTS. As well as the billionaire donors. Everyone knows how important each vote is.

Many know how important power is. We’re seeing how even our freedom is often control by which party is in control.

We watched one party abolished parole while another attempted several reinstatement measures. Now our freedom is pending in the courts. With no one stopping to ask ” have we been rehabilitated.”
I agree there must be balance and accountability. There’s many behind theses walls deserving of another chance.

So please VOTE!!!! From our local election to the national election. Every vote matters. Failing to vote eliminates your voice.

If others are fighting so hard to take this right away we should see how important voting is.

And look at the large amount of money that is spent during election seasons. Its mind boggling to think millions are spent during elections, while citizens are homeless and hungry.

Again to all my brothers and sisters behind these walls please make it a priority to inform your family and friends to vote. So what does voting cost: YOUR FREEDOM! And your VOICE!!!!!

Samuel E Harris #1026738
Lawrenceville Correctional Center