A Poem: I Still Wasn’t FREE

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I pray that you and your loved ones are well, and I pray that The Creator continues to bless you with the strength and the passion to continue fighting the good fight for us all. My Government is Timothy Terry, but my true attribute is Tyro Imhotep Na’Mapenzi, and I have been behind the wall for twenty years. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I will always do what I can to add on to what you all are doing for us in the name of true Liberation. Please accept my submission that expresses what FREEDOM means to me. I pray that my words are able to ignite at least one soul. Thank you for giving me an outlet, and I hope to hear from you soon. Peace and Blessings to you.

From every mountainside, let FREEDOM ring –
For us…for me…
What does FREEDOM mean?
FREEDOM means life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all –
Except those who fall…
For a portion of their lives behind the proverbial wall –
Then it becomes U.S. vs. “y’all”.
Take away my name, and expect me to respond to whatever I’m called…like a dog.
A lost cause?
Naw! Because even though the Beast clamped me in its jaws, I refuse to sit –
And rot in the belly of this Beast – only to come out the other end as a piece of s#it.
FREEDOM is a state of being, a new way of seeing –
Me, myself, and I…
And why –
I am…strong enough to defy the gravity of a few lines –
Describing a crime that fails to define;
How my diligent effort over time has refined my state of mind.
Forged by solitude and deep depression –
…and a want to do better…
Self-reflection, honest introspection, inspecting
Every corner and crevice of my attic
Longing to be more than some recovering drug addict –
Who had it all but took it for granted.
See, when I was out there on the street
I still wasn’t FREE –
Because I tried to snort every line of coke and smoke every tree –
Trying to flee to any retreat I believed would get me…
Away from … me.
For the only reality I could see appeared to be –
A dead E-N-D.
So I craved to be released…
Only to find that true FREEDOM does not begin –
On the outside, but starts from from within.
FREEDOM means being strong enough to take a stance and give/
Yourself a chance to live.
Redemption can only be found in the most unusual places/
Through the most unlikely of cases –
Change is inevitable, so I choose embrace it/
And whatever is sacrificed for the sake of growth, I realize something better will always replace it.
No more bondage, no more oppression/
No more stinkin’ thinkin’, or penned-up aggression/
No more need for me to remain in the custody of a department who doesn’t know a damn thing about corrections.
FREEDOM means being able to enjoy the best things in life/
FREE at home with my children and my wife/
With no extra hype or unwarranted stereotypes.
FREE to move throughout the country from state to state –
FREE to breathe fresh air without having to wait.
Speaking of ‘weight’, FREEDOM is the boss of the bench press –
Because FREEDOM is strong enough to lift the weight of oppression from my chest.
So I can finally rest without having to stress/
About what unknown personality will be my bunkee next?

Tyro Imhotep Na’Mapenzi
(T. Terry) #1139218
Baskerville Correctional Center

“Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse.”

On the topic of freedom that comes with the right to vote, is something that is very important also productive, because the person that votes can put the right people in office to change the world. But, only if you know who you’re voting for and why.

A lot of people get caught up by politician’s telling you a lie. They sell you a dream to get your vote, but the whole time they have another agenda they’ve kept from you. They’ve pulled the wool over your eyes and then once they get in office, you never receive your promise that you thought was going to happen. There’s power in the freedom to vote. Governor Glenn Youngkin knows that, which is why he went under the table and recently overturned felon’s right to vote. He made it harder to get our voting rights because he knows him and others can’t continue to win elections if too many of us have a chance to vote. Virginia doesn’t want us to have freedom to vote because it’s power – too much power in their eyes – and they know they will lose.

I often talk to people and everybody says they want change, but at the same time, they don’t want to put the work in and vote or help some other way to make a difference. All they want is a hand out, and that’ll never happen. I like to use a quote from the (God Father movie): “Make them an offer they can’t refuse,” and you do that by voting the right candidate into office and change will come for prison reform as well as state laws.

My wife and I are involved in getting people to vote by trying to convince them, even when they are skeptical. She works for an organization and she often talks to future delegates and senators to vet them out to see if they are the right person to get in office.

If every American could vote, the laws would be so different in this country. I would say it would be more better than worst a lot would be different maybe the right people would be in congress and we could get Black Americans in the constitution, instead of just having privileges. To all my people: know that you can make a change in the world by voting or doing what you can. It’s a process that’s been going on for over a hundred years. So please make Virginia a better state and go out and vote.

Peace and Blessings,
Allen Jackson

My name is Allen Jackson and I was born in Charlottesville, Va and was raised in Charlottesville, Louisa, and Richmond.