When it comes to aborting babies,
or should a man become lady,
The progressive opinion voiced
is personal choice.

But when Kaepernick took a knee,
because Eric Garner couldn’t breathe,
The mainstream retort
was ‘athletes should stick to sports.’

The pandemic brought the economy to a stop
and finally,
Kyrie Irving refused to take a shot
But the Sambos who tap dance,
all for corporate greed,
now encourage the White man
to kick him out the league.

Today, we agree with the words of Ali,
fighting in Vietnam went against his beliefs
We condemn the decision
and the way it was dealt,
How dare they threaten him with prison
and then take his belt?

But you hypocrite, you snake,
you’re two faced and fake.
You prisoner of the moment,
you see injustice and condone it.

The media is silent when it comes to the NHL,
are there unvaccinated hockey players –
they will never tell.
How many were unvaccinated at NASCAR’s sprint cup?
These are topics they never take up.

Whether I do or don’t take the vaccine,
why do you complain?
What right have you to discriminate against me,
or subject me to public shame?
Why do you terminate my employment
and keep me out of school?
Or bar me from entering the store
when I need to purchase food.

In the Book of Revelations,
a personal decision would be made,
And those who refused the mark
could not buy, sell, or trade.

Social pressure to take the shot
is being applied through the news.
If you chose to stay unvaccinated,
you violate the rules.
The stakes have never been higher
a career, scholarship, quality of life,
social status, our soul
are just some
of what we stand to lose.

It’s becoming difficult to choose
My anxiety is through the roof
These are the millennial’s
unvaccinated blues…

Lord Serious is a blogger, a podcaster, and the author of two books “Apotheosis Lord Serious Hakim Allah’s Habeas Corpus Appeal” and “The Powerless Pinky”. You can learn more about Lord Serious by visiting his website

Sleep in Peace, by Brandon Hope

Awake behind walls of concrete,
Stay away wicked thoughts of deceit,
My appearance and my name is clean,
The truth lies in my thoughts and my dreams.

Drift asleep and nightmares are present,
wide awake and life’s still unpleasant.
Through the pain, hate is the norm.
Utilize love and make it form
the new norm,
a brand new society,
one where to get justice –
there’s no need for rioting.
Where there will be no battles where none should exist,
Now I understand why we hold up our fist.

The power’s in us, united at least.
Once we accomplish this goal,
I can sleep in peace.

– Brandon C. L. Hope, From Hampton, VA