Captive, A Poem

don’t go turning sour
just because you’re around someone with power
the man of the hour
sitting in his fancy chair
in his fancy office, like some big tall tower
while robbing everyone bare
the system never plays fair
it gives us all gray hairs
leads us astray
trying to mold us like clay
to play their little games
blames us, its all our fault
but its all a result
of them trying to keep us in check
keeping their foot on our necks.

My name is Jennifer Zukerman. I’m currently at Fluvanna correctional center in Virginia.
This is my first incarceration and I got caught up in a very bad crowd that led me here. I’m glad to say that I’ve used this time to better myself and really analyze my decision making. I’ve found myself in my writing/ poetry. I really love to write and hopefully publish a book one day.