A Poem: “If Never, Forever”

If ever our lives and minds free our hearts and souls,

Will you dance with me to their rhythm…
and sing with me their song?

If ever our fears and scars relent,
free of lament…

Will you brave the abyss with me
and give me respite upon your shores?

If ever the rains stop falling and the clouds dissipate,

Will you spend the night awing with me over starry seas,

And ride the breeze through trembling leaves of whispering trees?

If ever your eyes see me here,
down on my knees,
this blood on my hands,
oath on my lips,
cheeks wet with tears,

Will you lift me into your fire,
and fill the air with smoke and ash of burnt desire?

If forever ever ends,

Will you never let me know… never let me go…

And, with each new dawning day,
only ever say a hushed ‘hello’?

-Bernie Ranson, Lawrenceville Correctional

Background: I recently wrote this for my ex, but she filed for divorce before I could send it… I think it might illustrate the longing and yearning experienced by so many effected by the division and separation of prison – both inside and out.